Our No-Risk Taste Guarantee

We know you’ll find a new favorite product at ZEGO. Just order a variety pack of bars and/or any of our other foods to try. If you don’t find a ZEGO to love, just mail it back with our pre-paid postage label we will refund you the product cost!

Our Purity Transparency Guarantee



  • We guarantee we use trusted 3rd party labs to test our products for cross contact with allergens, gluten, chemicals and metals* and report the results to you through the QR T-CODE on each ZEGO package.

  • We do not release any products that show measurable amounts of allergens or gluten (our facility is also free from 12+ of the most common allergens).

  • We seek ingredients that test at minimal-to-no residue from glyphosate, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

  • Please note we cannot guarantee every test will show no measureable amounts of what we are testing for.

    Here’s Why.

    • FACTS OF MAN AND NATURE: We test for over 400 chemicals and chemicals can cross over into crops, even organic ones, through water, airborne drift and historic soil contamination.

    • FACTS OF MATH AND SCIENCE: All our testing is done in the standard scientific method of taking a representative random sample and testing at a 3rd party lab. Each has a confidence level of accuracy (typically 95%), meaning that the test is not 100% assured to be accurate. Tests can only measure the presence of something, not the absence of it. That means there has to be a threshold amount of the substance present for it to show on the test. Though unlikely, it is scientifically possible that another sample of the same harvest could show a different result.*We test for metals like lead and arsenic in crops that historically have shown a risk of contamination.