Our Mission is to Give You Peace of Mind

We are committed to making it easy for everyone to eat safe, high-quality, nourishing food regardless of their special diet needs.

All day, every day, we think about how to create superior products that are not only free of ingredients that can trigger allergies and intolerance but also free of chemicals like food dyes and artificial sugars and with minimal agricultural residue, like pesticides (glyphosate and others) and heavy metals (lead, arsenic, etc).

We carefully select the farms we source and test for over 400 pesticides, herbicides, allergens, and gluten. Ingredients from industries prone to heavy metal contamination, like protein powder and chocolate, are also test for heavy metals and toxins like lead and arsenic.

Using our patent pending pioneering provenance-based block chain T-CODE food-safety system, you can directly access our products’ test results .

Our Vision

We believe in a future where all food companies are active promoters and stewards of our health and the health of our planet. We are happy to lead the way.

Our Story

Eight years ago, I was juggling a family with Celiac Disease, lactose and gluten intolerance, and pre-diabetes. Then, overnight, our elementary school banned all nuts from campus.

I found there was no food company trying to make nutrient-dense, minimally processed convenience foods that met the needs of people with more than one or two of the most common dietary restrictions. And, there was no company going the extra step in allergen and gluten safety–testing each batch to ensure product purity and providing the test data to consumers–instead of assuming safety based on the conditions at the manufacturing facility. May sound technical but why use a proxy when we can do an actual test?

I had spent my early career improving nutrition for low-income kids and knew about allergen dangers from my own kids’ experiences but as I dug into the food testing world, my understanding of what “improving nutrition” and “food safety” meant. I learned we could find out what pesticides, herbicides, and metals are in our food. Companies could have been testing for this for a long time but very few were and none were reporting their results publicly. The few tests run by non-profit organizations that have been made public show much of our food has levels of toxins and pesticides that I do not feel comfortable feeding my family. I wanted to create a food company that made amazing, clean food and showed consumers the kind of transparency they should ask for from all the companies they love.

Voila! ZEGO. Every delicious product is crafted with nourishing ingredients and tested for allergen and gluten cross contact, controversial chemicals like glyphosate, and over 400 pesticides and herbicides. And, with our T-Code Food Safety System, you can scan any product’s QR code to access its purity test results.

At ZEGO, our goal is to give you peace of mind.

~ Colleen and the ZEGO Team

Our Team

Colleen Kavanagh
Founder and CEO
Favorite Hobby . . . Paddle Boarding
Favorite ZEGO . . . Fudgy Chocolate and Lemon Ginger Seed+Fruit Bars

Danielle Schnake
Customer Happiness and Operations Specialist
Favorite Hobby . . . teaching yoga or running
Favorite ZEGO is . . . Just Fruit Raspberry

Brian Jansen
Chief Operations Officer
Favorite Hobby . . . Riding Horses
Favorite ZEGO . . . Apple Cinnamon Mix-Ins


August 2013: Raised $50,000 on Indiegogo to launch Sunflower and Chocolate nutrition bars.

2014: Launch in selective retail stores. Make some mistakes, learn a lot.

Oct. 2015: Crowd-sourced through Barn Raiser ($12,000 raised) to develop new, better tasting recipes.

February 2016: Move to allergy friendly facility. Relaunch with new Seed+Fruit recipes

Dec. 2016: purchase Just Fruit Bars from Gorge Delight.

April 2017: Launch Just Fruit and Fruit+Chia bars

Summer 2017: become certified as B Corp

February 2018: Raise $10,000 on Kickstarter to develop Mix-Ins

Summer 2018: Named “Best in the World for Community” by B Corp

November 2018: Launch Organic Mix-Ins Seed+Fruit Blend

December 2018: Launch Organic Pure Protein

March 2019: Launch new T-CODE testing protocol for over 400 toxins including glyphosate and heavy metals (for select ingredients)

April 2019: Launch breakfast line of Organic Purity Protocol Raw Oats and Muesli.

August 2019: Launch Fruit+Chia new flavor — Cherry.